The Challenges of Modern Bicycle Retail in Belgium: Time Management in a Fast-Evolving Market

Bicycle dealers are currently experiencing increased pressure in the rapidly evolving bicycle industry . The growing popularity of e-bikes and leasing makes working with various leasing companies and their different processes complex. The success of every bicycle dealership increasingly depends on efficient bicycle management.

Dealers currently spend 30 to 90 minutes preparing and doing the administration for each leased bicycle they sell . While this time investment is important, it can significantly impact the overall efficiency of the business.

At Cyclis Bike Lease, they realized the importance of this issue and, together with them, we have thoroughly explored ways to improve efficiency for dealers inn Belgium over the past year. Together, we strive to provide Cyclis dealers with optimal operations.

We have received extensive feedback from dealers with the following comments:
ο‚· Each leasing company has its own system, making management very complex.
ο‚· There is a significant amount of manual work required for data entry.
ο‚· Obtaining real-time information about bicycles and their associated contracts is cumbersome.

At Cyclis Bike Lease, they were looking for a system that works across all leasing companies and preferably across all parties in the bicycle
industry. A connection is needed between all partners of the bicycle dealer to bring efficiency to daily operations.

Therefore, Cyclis has reached out to Velopass to discuss the challenges faced by dealers. We collaborate with all players in the bicycle industry, provide a free
app and portal for all professionals, and integrate with all point-of-sale systems in Belgium. It felt like the perfect fit! Β 

Cyclis will be the first leasing company to implement Velopass, and other major companies will soon follow. This will enable a unified identifier that can be used to
optimize the operation of the entire bicycle fleet in your store.

Every dealer will receive the free Velopass Pro app and portal. Additionally, there is the possibility to integrate it with your point-of-sale system, optimizing the operation
in your bicycle shop. This results in a seamless connection between all systems, eliminating the need for manual work!

Furthermore, We are actively developing the second part of the free Velopass Pro app (see photo 1), which will go live by the end of 2023. With this app, you can scan every bicycle that comes in for maintenance, giving you access to all the important information of the bicycle in one scan. No more hassle of searching through different portals! πŸ“ΈπŸš²πŸ”

And finally, Cyclis Bike Lease has fantastic news for their dealers! The costs associated with using Velopass may be mentioned in the quote at €9.95 per Velopass and will be
accounted for accordingly!
The new dealer contract, which will come into effect for all dealers from September 1st, will include the final procedure for Velopass reimbursement. Cyclis Bike Lease appreciates the hard work of their dealers and they want to encourage them to adopt an efficient workflow.

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This was Velofollies 2023 πŸš€πŸš΄πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

This was Velofollies 2023 πŸš΄β€β™€οΈ

We had an amazing time and want to thank everyone who came to visit us at the Velopass booth.

We have made great connections with manufacturers, leasing companies, insurers, bike stores and bikers. It is a big step forward in building the comprehensive solution that serves the whole bicycle industry !

Here is a short video recap of our experience at the fair. Check it out!

We can’t wait for next year’s edition.

Stay tuned for what’s nextΒ πŸš€

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Timothy Chamizo β€” Chamizo Cycling

“At Chamizo Cycling, we prioritize exceptional customer service. By seamlessly integrating with our CRS, managing and servicing our bicycles has never been more convenient. On top of that, we go the extra mile by providing additional protection for every bicycle we sell, ensuring our customers’ peace of mind.”

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Maarten Baert β€” Specter

“We make high-end speed pedelecs and theft is really top-of-mind with our clients. Our bicycles are already equipped with a track and trace system and Velopass provides the last piece of the puzzle to be able to trace back the our bicycles to the rightful owner. The fact that Velopass also improves the collaboration with our partners enables us to give the best possible service to our clients.”

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