Connecting all
actors in the industry

Global scope
Active today
in 6 countries
and rapidly growing
  • 6+
    Integrated CRS systems
  • Registered bikes

  • Connect

    Connect valuable bike information to partners and customers.
  • Capture

    Capture insights regarding the lifecycle of your bicycles.
  • Capitalize

    Enrich your Smart Frame Numbers with services to increase profitability.

Connect product-level data with your partners

Enrich the smart frame number with product-level data to enable effective collaboration with your network of partners.

Capture insights regarding the lifecycle of your bicycles

Trace the full lifecycle of every bicycle from production to sale, customer use, resale and recycle.

Provide new services to retain customers

Turn your bicycles into communication channels that deliver transparent product information, security and services.

Connecting all actors

We integrate with
systems of all stakeholders

  • Connected to bike stores

    Bike information is automatically connected to the software of bike stores to enable efficiënt collaboration.

  • API integrations

    Extend the capabilities of your bicycles with access to our ecosystem of leading industry partners and robust APIs.

  • Velopass Pro

    On our Pro platform, professionals can connect and access bicycle information to enable effective management of their fleet.

Integrated systems

Client stories
Client stories

“At Chamizo Cycling, we prioritize exceptional customer service. By seamlessly integrating with our CRS, managing and servicing our bicycles has never been more convenient. On top of that, we go the extra mile by providing additional protection for every bicycle we sell, ensuring our customers’ peace of mind.”

Timothy Chamizo — Chamizo Cycling

“We make high-end speed pedelecs and theft is really top-of-mind with our clients. Our bicycles are already equipped with a track and trace system and Velopass provides the last piece of the puzzle to be able to trace back the our bicycles to the rightful owner. The fact that Velopass also improves the collaboration with our partners enables us to give the best possible service to our clients.”

Maarten Baert — Specter

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