Bike store ‘t Ventiel helps police catch bicycle thieves with Velopass

Kontich, Belgium, October 31, 2023. In the night of October 25-26, the police zone KASTZE (Kampenhout – Steenokkerzeel – Zemst) was able to recover a number of stolen bicycles and arrested a number of individuals.

The police caught a number of people red-handed in Kontich and found a dozen bicycles.

The Velopass ID on one of the bicycles enabled the police to track down the owner of the bicycle. The owner confirmed that his bicycle had been stolen and was able to prove to the police that it was his bicycle using the digital passport.

“This is a great example of how we can work together to combat bicycle theft,” said the chief inspector of the KASTZE police zone. “Thanks to Velopass, we were able to recover the stolen bicycles and arrest the perpetrators.”

“We are very happy that we could help,” said the owner of bike shop ‘t Ventiel. “We want to give our customers a sense of security.”

Bike shop ‘t Ventiel in Kontich equips all of the bicycles it sells with a Velopass ID. This means that the owners of ‘t Ventiel’s bicycles are much safer from bicycle theft.

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