Secure ownership

Make every bicycle traceable and intelligent

Connect every bicycle to a unique smart frame number. This enables cyclists to register their ownership and protect it. On top of that, they can access to all kinds of services through the digital passport.

How do we reinforce insurance?

Improved security
Cyclists can register their bike in their name and protect their ownership. In case of theft, easily report your bike lost and be contacted immediately if it is recovered.
Services easily accessible to partners and customers
The Velopass Pro app allows dealers to find all important bike information with just one scan and clients can access your services with their digital passport.
Enhance customer acquisition
Offer insurances through Velopass. Streamline insurance offers and renewals. By partnering with Velopass, you ensure that all bicycles sold come with insurance options.

What we offer

Connecting seamlessly to your existing processes
  • API integrations

    Extend the capabilities of your bicycles with access to our ecosystem of leading industry partners and robust APIs.

  • Connected to bike stores

    Bike information is automatically connected to the software of bike stores to enable efficiënt collaboration.

  • Customer platform

    We provide a customer platform where cyclists can register, protect their ownership and access to services.

Cost-effective solutions

Optimized prices for your environment

Our packs have been carefully compiled to accommodate every connecting partner in the industry.
  • €0

    Secure partner

    • Access to the community
    • Improved security
  • €1 ,60 / chip
    + API €50 / month

    Premium partner

    • Access to the community
    • Improved security
    • Smart frame number
    • Combat insurance fraud
    • Basic insights
  • Let’s talk

    Advanced partner

    • Access to the community
    • Improved security
    • Smart frame number
    • Combat insurance fraud
    • Advanced insights
    • Connected services

Velopass step by step explained

  • Become a secure partner

    Become one of our secure partners and promote Velopass with your insurance.
  • Include Velopass into insurance package

    We integrate with your existing processes through custom API-integrations and optimize your operations.
  • Connect your services

    Connect your services to Velopass to make them insightful for partners and customers.

Questions answered

Frequently Asked

Explore our FAQ for answers to common questions about bike security, data management, and more. Find the information you need and reach out to us for further assistance.
  • Is there an app for cyclists?
    No, cyclists do not need to download an app to register their bicycle. They can just scan the velopass with NFC or with the QR code and the Velopass webpage will open. We do have a velopass pro app exclusively for professionals.
  • What is the advantage of connecting Velopass to my Cash Register System?
    Connecting with the Cash Register System enhances daily operations of bike dealers significantly. When the bicycle is already equipped with a Velopass from the manufacturer, you can just scan the Velopass and bike data is automatically sent into the Cash Register System. During maintenance, every dealer can rescan the Velopass and view the right bicycle immediately in the Cash Register System. Even if an unknown bicycle enters the shop, the Velopass can be scanned and the bike data is automatically sent to the Cash Register System. And let’s not forget the invaluable security aspect. There will be a status check with every scan meaning that, if a bicycle is reported as lost, this will pop up in your Cash Register System.
  • How does Velopass enhance bike security?
    Velopass provides a digital passport with every bicycle, making it easily traceable and reducing the risk of theft. This means that every cyclist can register their ownership and protect it. In the unfortunate event of theft, they can report their bicycle as lost and anyone that finds it, can contact you directly. Moreover, through integrations with all actors, there will be a status check with every scan enabling the whole bike community to improve bike security?
  • How do I install the connection to my Cash Register System?
    Go to your Velopass pro portal and click on the tab ‘organizations’. Then click on ‘edit’ and then you fin your shop ID at the bottom. Use this ID in the portal of your Cash Register System to connect to Velopass.