The Absurdity of Unregistered E-Bikes: A Looming Crisis in Bicycle Theft


In a world marked by rapid technological advancement, we see that the bicycle industry has been slow to adapt to one critical aspect of modern life – registration. The surge in popularity of e-bikes, with an average price tag of around 2000 euros, has led to a concerning uptick in bicycle theft. In cities like Amsterdam, the theft rate of fatbikes has soared to a staggering 90%, prompting insurance companies to reconsider coverage for these high-value two-wheelers. However, the absence of a standardized registration system for e-bikes has created a vulnerability that thieves are exploiting, contributing to the rising number of stolen bicycles. This problem isn’t just a minor inconvenience; it’s affecting the entire bicycle industry.

The Registration Void

E-bikes, unlike cars, are not registered to their owners, creating a vulnerability that criminals are eager to exploit. Stealing a bicycle and attempting to sell it online has become far too easy. This vulnerability is a result of a fragmented and disjointed bicycle industry. At its core, the problem lies in the absence of a unique identification system for bicycles, rendering them anonymous and untraceable. Even when some local or national registries exist, once the bicycle crosses the border, there is no way to trace the bicycle back to the original owner. Next to that, they often lack integration with the wider industry. making them ineffective in curbing the escalating theft crisis. A status check needs to be integrated in the systems of bike stores, online marketplaces etc. so that stolen bicycles cannot be serviced and sold so easily.

A Discouraging Trend for Cyclists

The consequences of this theft crisis extend beyond mere inconvenience; it strikes at the core of the cycling ethos. As the number of stolen bikes approaches an alarming 100,000 in Amsterdam alone, it’s evident that the spirit of cycling is being dampened. Many individuals who have experienced theft find themselves disheartened less inclined to embrace the benefits of this eco-friendly mode of transportation.

The smart frame number

Velopass is an international platform that not only registers bicycles but also provides an integrated solution across all industry players through the smart frame number. The critical aspect here is not just registering bicycles but ensuring that their status is easily accessible to all stakeholders, from bike stores and law enforcement to potential buyers. This is achieved through a unique code assigned to each bicycle, ensuring that the information is both secure and accessible.

How Bike Brands Can Utilize the smart frame number

Bike brands stand to benefit significantly from the integration of Velopass into their operations. By incorporating the smart frame number provided by Velopass, these brands can streamline their processes, enhance efficient collaboration with partners and bolster their commitment to customer satisfaction. With an integrated registration system, they can offer their customers the added peace of mind that their e-bikes are not just high-quality products but also secure investments. Moreover, by actively participating in the fight against e-bike theft, these brands can bolster their reputation as responsible industry players, contributing to a safer cycling environment for all.

Insurance Companies and the smart frame number

Insurance companies have a crucial role to play in reducing e-bike theft and increasing the likelihood of recovery. By partnering with Velopass, they can incorporate the smart frame number into their insurance policies. This integration can enable insurance providers to offer more comprehensive coverage to policyholders, effectively addressing the growing concerns related to e-bike theft. Reduced theft claims and increased recovery rates will not only benefit insurance companies financially but also bolster their reputation for providing robust and innovative insurance solutions, ultimately creating a win-win scenario for both insurers and their customers.


In conclusion, the current situation regarding e-bike registration is undeniably perplexing. In a world where technology enables seamless connections and information sharing, the bicycle industry remains tethered to outdated practices. Velopass, with its comprehensive and integrated approach, presents a promising solution to a pressing problem. It’s time for the industry to unite against the epidemic of e-bike theft and for cyclists everywhere to regain the peace of mind they deserve.


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